Spring Ungawa Update 7/9

Posted by on Jul 3, 2020

Spring UNGAWA Cancelled

We spoke with LCRA this past Monday. New development: masks required even if social distancing. Possibility of being individually fined ($250) if a park ranger decides to do so. Still required: No more than 5 people per campsite. Intermingling of campsites is discouraged. Social distancing required. EACH CAMPER MUST SIGN A WAIVER RELEASING LCRA OF ANY COVID-19 RELATED LIABILITY.

Sadly, after much input and discussion, we’ve decided to officially cancel Spring UNGAWA. There are too may obstacles and rules to do UNGAWA the way we all would like to do it. We no like rules. This UNGAWA would’ve been packed full of them. We plan on having UNGAWA in the Fall, which at this point is only about 3 months way.