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Spring Ungawa 2020 Update – 7/3

We spoke with LCRA recently. As of now we are planning to have our Spring Ungawa on July 17-19. This is of course assuming we can do it safely and wisely, and that LCRA does not change course in the near future. There will be some safety requirements and suggestions from both the Ungawa group and LCRA. We will share more information on this very soon. With minimal adjustments we should be able to have a fun and safe time. Feel free to discuss in the comments below. Thanks!

Venue: Grelle Recreation Area
Location: Spicewood, TX on the south shore of Lake Travis

NOTICE: Cliff paid for the campsites, $250. When you enter you only need to pay for your daily entry fee, $5/day. We all need to pitch in a few bucks to Cliff to help cover the campsites, $10/each should do it.

Important Links

LCRA – Grelle Recreation Area

Updated outdoor burn ban by county at TICC under Bulletin Board